Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tips for looking Taller and Slimmer

  • Who hasn't been told by their mom, "don't slouch, stand up straight".  Well it's true, good posture can make a huge difference in the way others perceive your height.  Not only will you seem taller, but you'll also appear more alert and engaged.

  • Opt for a monochromatic outfit.  Mix textures like knits or leather with a blazer, cardigan or overshirt.  Leave the blazer or cardigan unbuttoned for maximum vertical lines. Try a V-neck to lengthen the neck and draw the attention to your face.

  • Accessorize with loosely tied scarves with long, vertical hanging ends.  Match your tights/pantyhose with your skirt, pants and shoes.  Avoid thick belts that cut you in half.  Wear long necklaces or pendants instead of a choker.

  • And of course, a little heel - at least an inch or taller.  Make sure you practice walking around the house before heading out on the town, you don't want to look awkward when walking around.  If high heels aren't for you, try platforms.

Here's to a taller, sleeker you!!!



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